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Our Vision

From the Beginning to Today

Lucky 8 Foods was established in 1982 as a family company and began predominantly as a seafood supplier into the ethnic catering market, specialising in the imports and distribution of warm water king prawns and shrimp.

As well as being one of the largest independent importers of raw and cooked king prawns and shrimps in the UK & Europe, we have developed an extensive product portfolio to cover the full range of frozen seafood to include molluscs and crustaceans, cephalopods, a full range of frozen fish both whole and fillets, value added seafood products as well as a full range of frozen meat, poultry, vegetables and specialised food products.

Our customers include wholesalers, foodservice, retail & manufacturing and we continue to import specialised seafood products which are specifically demanded within a variety of ethnic catering markets within the UK.

We are the U.K’s largest importer of warm water shrimps for the ethnic market and we have representative offices throughout Asia, Africa, North and South America as well as Europe. This enables us to receive up to date information on supply and demand changes, pricing and domestic market factors.

We currently operate three major storage and distribution depots in the UK:

  • Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Telford
  • Rainham (Essex)

We also operate four satellite depots:

  • Livingston (Scotland)
  • Leeds
  • Warminster
  • Navan (Ireland)

With a storage capacity in excess of 10,000 tonnes and utilising both our own distribution fleet of more than 100 temperature controlled vehicles and 3rd party logistic partners, this allows us to offer a national distribution network with unrivalled service and flexibility.


Vast amounts of knowledge and experience within both the procurement and sales teams make us good to work with.

The procurement team work closely alongside sales and most have at some time worked within sales or continue to do so. This allows us to listen to customer requirements, understand changes in trends as well as have an innovative approach to NPD.

We have an experienced technical team with close links to a variety of trade associations such as Seafish, BFFF, Defra and the FSA. This allows us to keep up to date and react accordingly to law changes, production standards and any rapid alerts that may be flagged. The technical team will also work closely with our suppliers at source with up to date audits and quality control.

A strong financial base allows us to purchase and hold significant volumes to ensure our customers are getting the most competitive pricing as well as consistency in supply and quality.

Sustainability, Ecology and Technical Focus

We fully understand the responsibility we have to ourselves, to our customers and ultimately to your customers. Therefore we believe in doing everything we can to procure from responsible sources and play an active role in encouraging all suppliers to work along guidelines set out by organisations such as Aquaculture Certification Council (ACC), Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) and the Global Aquaculture Alliance. We constantly monitor through regular audits which suppliers hold which accreditations and share this information with all customers to give complete transparency. Social responsibility. We believe that all suppliers should have the strictest standards when it comes to their responsibilities to their employees and the local communities. We believe and expect all suppliers to follow the vision of the ‘Ethical Trading Initiative’:

“Our vision is a world where all workers enjoy conditions of freedom, security and equity and are free from exploitation and discrimination.”

Having an integrated supply chain allows absolute 100% traceability and confidence in each and every one of our products

  1. This begins with global sourcing and shipment from origin.
  2. Then this is monitored, tracked and cleared at port health from our offices at Felixstowe.
  3. Goods are then transported to one of our UK coldstores, unloaded and subject to QC tests by the technical team before being stored.
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